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Panama Trip 2010


Most of the men not suited for suits, this is one of the great complicated to men. The things you need to know is that there are four main styles. Everything else is just a four types of suits. There are

1. American suits
2. English suits
3. Mandarin suits
4. Italian suit

The Italian style is a double breasted suit and is usually a good choice for tall men. But, it’s bad choice for short men.

The British style is single breasted and gives off a more royal look than its counterparts.

The American style is the most relaxed of the four and gives off a younger image. It’s very flexible to all kind of people. It gives Very Royalty Look.

The Mandarin suit is the most unique of the four as it is influenced by more traditional eastern cultures.

Which style you choose is really a matter of preference. You must consider the body type, personal style, and where you plan to wear the suit.

Suit patterns are just as important as suit style, fit and color. There are four main suit designs to consider: solid, pinstripe, windowpane, and check patterns.


Solid Suit are suits that consist of one color with no built in patterns. These suits must differentiate themselves with pocket, button, lapel, and find expression for style. They are neutral and safe for all situations.


Pinstripe suits have vertical lines of color evenly spaced throughout the suit. These stripes of color can vary in thickness depending on the designer’s vision. Pinstripes give the wearer a more authoritative look.

Window Pane:

Window pane suits have either a square or rectangular pattern throughout the suit. This is created with the use of widely spaced horizontal and vertical stripes. These suits are more stylish than the previous models.

Check Patterns:

The check patterned suit is similar to the window pane suit with one exception. This suit has every other square or rectangle filled with horizontal lines. Wear this suit as one of your more trendy stylish versions. It looks very simple and smart.

Autum (Fall) / Winter 2009 / 2010 Fashion Trends pictures

Autum (Fall) / Winter 2009 / 2010 Fashion Trends
As the world slowly pulls itself out of an economic depression, the Fall 2009 (Autumn 2009) season will largely define what 2010 fashion will look like. From over the knee boots to capes and cloaks, our fashion trends guide for the colder months of 2009 and 2010 will help to keep your wardrobe sorted, and your looks on the cutting edge.

Over-the-knee boots: these are the must-have item for Fall 2010; but those daring enough will find the tops of their boots creeping up even higher with thigh-high boots also making it mainstream. From elegant suedes to darkly futuristic wound-and-bound leathers, the options are many and various.

Ripped thights and Stockings: Our wartime female counterparts would never have imagined this day; where laddered stockings are not only acceptable, but fashionable. The ripped stocking trend is a close cousin of the ripped denim trend, a step towards a new era of neo-Grunge.

Fall fashion trends: Majestic lingerie of Simone Perele for the Fall Winter 2010-2011


Baroque, majestic, and very decorated intimate clothing is the key element of the Simone Perele collection for this Fall Winter 2010-2011. The collection includes several lines, all of them inspired by the splendor of the charming haute couture world.

Make sure it suits you

Do you really want to remember your wedding day as one of best day in your life? No i don't like to think so.To avoid this embarrassing scenario, make sure you try on everything in one week before the wedding, to see if it still fits.

Another part of ensuring a good fit is getting it right the first time. Make sure you get measured for your waist size, inseam and jacket size. Make sure that you are measured around the upper arms and thighs as well, especially if you are a beefy or muscular guy.


Your suit jacket should fit well and give you a full range of motion, both buttoned and unbuttoned. Remember that you will be dancing, hugging, and shaking hands.

Make sure you are not constricted.Your vest should button comfortably and hit just below the waistband of your pants.

If you are wearing a vest to a summer wedding, make sure it has a full back, so that you are still looking good when the jackets inevitably come off.


You want to look dashing and charming in your duds, not like a kid getting swallowed up in your dad's sport coat.

If you are a shorter guy, stick to single-breasted jackets – double-breasted jackets will give you that drowning-in-fabric look and make you appear smaller.

If you are bigger around the middle, wear a lower-buttoning jacket rather than one with a higher placket. It will give you the good look for others.

While this is a formal occasion, you need not spend your honeymoon nursing the blisters from your shoes, or spend a July wedding sweltering under heavy wool.

Make sure you can walk around in your shoes, and pick a fabric for your wedding suit that matches the season and the climate.

Depending on the level of formality and time of day of your wedding, you have a wide range of options.

If you are having a formal daytime wedding, you may want to forget the standard tux for a dapper morning suit, with a cutaway jacket, gray pinstripe trousers, and an ascot.

Or, if you're getting married in the summer, you could choose for a white dinner suit instead of a standard black suit.

Let your formal wear dealer know what season and time of day you will be getting married, and they will likely offer you more choices than you even knew you had.

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The Hottest In Mens Fashion Rings Collections

Mens Fashion Rings 2010

Until recently, a lot of men shied away from expressing themselves with jewelry, and some even balked at wearing a wedding ring. But in recent years, men’s fashion rings have really taken hold. As demand has increased, so has the selection of interesting styles.

Hollywood celebrities and hip-hop musicians have played an important role in the phenomenal rise of men’s fashion rings, and men’s fashions are never far behind. But you don’t need to be a superstar to wear today’s most popular mens rings. A diversity of styles is being worn by men today, and it looks like this is one trend with staying power

Hottest Trend This Summer is Teen Girl Maxi Dresses

Teen Girl Maxi Dresses 2010

You will find that there is such a large variety of dresses that one can buy for their teen from here. Even while most of the parents of the teenage girls accompany them for shopping the actual choice is made by the girls themselves.

This summer make yourself most fashionable by getting yourself a maxi dress. Teen girls and even women are wearing long cotton dresses instead of the shorter ones that have been worn in previous years. These maxi dresses are available in a lot of lengths as well despite the fact that they will look best when taken till the ankle length or like a fall to the floor.

Summer Fashion And Men’s Choices

Men's Summer Fashion 2010

When it comes to those warm summer months everyone looks forward to the summer attire. The women because they get to show off their good taste in their choice of clothing, and the men because they don’t feel so weighed down with the winter business attire.

So really what do most men consider a good summer wardrobe? The answer to this of course depends on the men. For the younger men the jean shorts always seem to find their way into the wardrobe. At least one pair and most often this are for knocking around the house in. They are great for working outside.

They are cool and comfortable and if they get stained or dirty its really no big deal. Lets face it the jean shorts do tend to make their own fashion statement in a small way. They seem to create that rough rugged look that so many women find attractive.

Now the cut offs really do need to go. It doesn’t matter how frugal you are trying to be by getting the most out of your clothes this is one item that is just too outdated. When it comes to the summer attire men seem to have the capability to make their clothing set a theme. For example a pair of white Capri pants with a silk plain short sleeved navy blue shirt makes one want to go sailing with this gent. Then the kaki casual dress pants and polo shirt strikes up the thought of a good game of golf. Perhaps though the man in the dress shorts with a paisley shirt would be good company to go on a sight seeing adventure with.Men's Summer Fashion 2010

Men seem to be able to and definitely want to express themselves through their summer wardrobe. Perhaps because through the warm season work pressures are a little lighter with many of the bosses being away on vacation and business slowing down a bit for the same reason. It’s the time when a business man can just loosen up a bit and wear some of the clothes that give him a sense of freedom.

Top ten Most Fanned celebrities on facebook

There have always been events in the history of Mankind which renders a touch of immortality to the eras in which they occur. There have been wars, socio-cultural movements, religious reformations and even literary or artistic uproar in the form of the Renaissance and many more that would keep illuminating till the Doom’s Day.

If the 21st century is ever accounted for something remarkable, the predominance and popularity of the social networking sites will be definitely one of the contenders.

Over the years, since February 2004 Facebook has been a leader among the social networking sites. Its popularity even led celebrities to have their personal webpage. This helped them to openly interact with their fans coupled with regular of their concerts, movies, sport feats and many other features.

Elements of life such as scandalous lifestyles, criminal and drug abuse cases or even fatality has not been able to tarnish their popularity.

Here are some of the popular faces among Facebook celebrities who have broken all records of fan following.

10. Lindsay Lohan

She is a vivacious model, actress and a singer, all packaged into one. But with a legacy of family troubles with parents who are undecided about their marriage life couldn’t be free from controversies for Lindsay.

  • She began her career at the age of 3 with Ford Models that was followed by other top of the line modelling assignments with Calvin Klein, Pizza Hut and Abercrombie Kids among others.
  • She, however, managed to evade the paparazzi only to meet with multiple car crashes and survive injuries.
  • She was arrested on one occasion after a car crash on account of driving under the influence of alcohol and possession of cocaine.

Lindsay Lohan may have hit an all time low or needs to convince her producers and directors but she does not have to do the same with her fans as a figure of 105,127 in Facebook looks robust as it is.

9. Mel Gibson

We all know Mel Gibson, ‘the maverick’, for his multifariousness.- As an actor, producer, director and a screenwriter. However, there is more to him than what meets the eye.

  • Media has a record of the statement he made in an inebriated state and domestic violence.
  • Gibson stated in an interview with ‘The Playboy’ that President Bill Clinton was a low level opportunist in 1995.
  • Mel Gibson has been accused of spewing a vile Racist Tirade against Oksana Grigorieva in 2010which went as “If You Get Raped By A Pack Of N***ERS It Won’t Be My Fault”.
  • A man who began drinking at the age of 13 has been charged with the same on several occasions.

Also, reputed to be a mastermind in jokes and pranks, Mel Gibson surely knows the way to the hearts of a strong fan following of 109,352 on Facebook.

8. Rachael Ray

She is a gourmet queen with multiple cookbooks and shows to her credit.

  • She was born to parents of Italian and American origin in Massachusetts USA.
  • She pioneered the concept of 30 minute meals.
  • In the year 2003 she posed in men’s magazine named FHM. She ranked 71 in FMH’s list of 100 sexiest women in 2006. Her portrayal led to controversies.

However, she continues to rule the hearts of her fans with a Facebook following of 280,115.

7. Tiger Woods

One of the all time best that the game of Golf has known Eldrick Tont Woods was born in 1975.

  • The present numero uno in Golf rankings, Woods is also one of the most successful sports professionals in the world with the maximum number of Grand Slam victories.
  • In the year 2003 he married Elin Nordegren. They have two children – a girl and a boy.
  • In 2009 it was rumored that Tiger Woods was having an affair with a nightclub manager Rachel Uchitel. Shortly afterwards Woods met with a car accident that he was driving himself.
  • The following claim was a two and half year relationship that was made by San Diego cocktail waitress Jaimee Grubbs. She produced text and voice messages in which Woods requested her to change her phone number as his wife had got a sniff about their amorous relationship.
  • Several other claims of extra-marital relationships and subsequent fallouts with sponsors and endorsements led Woods to issue an apology in 2010 where he admitted to his infidelity.

It is reported that Woods admitted to his wife that he had 120 affairs. Considering his record breaking stints with the game of golf and love it is not unusual that his Facebook fan following amount to a figure of 1,423,545.

6. Madonna

Madonna Louise Ciccone was born in 1958 in Michigan. With countless hits to her credit like ‘Papa Don’t Preach’, ‘Like a Virgin’ and ‘Like a Prayer’ among many others she is regarded by her fans as a living legend in the pantheon of pop music and a true diva.

  • She was always in news for her dare and bare acts on stage (maybe off stage as well!) and music videos throughout her career. Criticism only made her more resolute in her adventures.
  • Early in her career she developed a fashion style statement with lace tops and fishnet stockings, jewellery with the crucifix and known to have a penchant for bleached hair.
  • There were protests against her album ‘Like a Virgin’ that was stated to encourage pre-marital sex and undermine family values.
  • She was featured nude in Playboy magazine with some of her earlier photographs taken in 1978.
  • Her maiden books was titled “SEX”.

Madonna may have taken an undeclared hiatus from her celebrity magic but her Facebook fan following remains at 2,100,210.

5. Usher

Usher Raymond IV started his musical career around the nineties and rose to fame. There are several hits to his credit and success seems to always have a helm of controversies for celebs.

  • Usher’s relationship with TLC member Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas broke after two years in 2003 when she claimed that he had cheated on her during that time.
  • The same message could be apparently felt by her fans in the lyrics of Usher’s album called ‘Confessions’ that followed in the same year.
  • In the year 2009, he filed for divorce from his wife all of a sudden claiming that they were living separately for over a year. This was strongly refuted by friends and family members, saying that they were never separated and lived in Atlanta until March 2009.

We may never know the reasons behind the moves of his mind but he has a fan following of 2,698,924 in Facebook.

4. Britney Spears

She forayed into the world of music and instantly became a teenage star icon. Life has been a roller coaster ride for this beautiful singer.

  • She was born as Britney Jean Spears in 1981.
  • She kick started her career as one of the most successful entertainers in the world.
  • She married childhood friend Jason Alexander in 2004 and dissolved it within a span of 55 hours.
  • She married dancer Kevin Federline in the same year in September.
  • In September 2005, she gave birth to her first child – a baby boy. She was photographed with her son seated on her lap as she drove with one hand in 2006. Fetched her criticisms from horrified child advocates.
  • She had a second child in 2006 and filed for divorce from Kevin Federline in November of the same year.

Britney Spears has been subject to a flurry of controversies, culminating in her losing custody of children due to medical treatment and rehabilitation resulting from her involvement in drugs abuse. Her Facebook fan following remains at 4,034,680, nevertheless.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

A footballer with millions of fans, Cristiano Ronaldo is a star footballer with of Real Madrid.

  • He received libel damages from Daily Mirror that spoke of him getting drunk in a nightclub.
  • In 2010 Ronaldo became a father to a baby boy. The identity of the mother is however unknown.

In 2010 Ronaldo became the first sportsman to reach a $10 million mark on Facebook, the first celeb outside USA to have done so. However, he had a forgettable 2010 FIFA World Cup, with Portugal bowing out in the round of sixteen.

2. Lady Gaga

  • Lady Gaga was born as Stefanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta in the year 1986. She took her name from the popular number of Freddie Mercury of pop group Queen called Radio Gaga.
  • She can be categorized as a star with an outrageous fashion style statement of her own that draws even more attention than her popular music.
  • She is considered to be a popular icon among the gay community.

Lady Gaga has always maintained her bisexuality as less than a well kept secret, just as much as maintaining a strong fan following of 15,634,240 in Facebook.

1. Michael Jackson

He was a child star who went on to become an icon. He continued to rule the stage of music as a teenager and as an adult.

  • Best Selling Album included Thriller, Bad, Off the Wall, Dangerous and History
  • He was believed to have bleached his skin excessively for a fair complexion. In 1993 during his interview with Oprah Winfrey he admitted that he had vitiligo.
  • In the year 1993 Jackson was charged with child sexual abuse. He was accused of sexually molesting Jordan Chandler by his father.
  • He was charged with child sexual abuse (paedophilia) case for the second time in 2003 on the basis of video evidence.

Michael Jackson passed away under mysterious circumstances yet to be unravelled. He is survived by 3 children and a huge legacy and a 18,497,798 fan following in Facebook. The number is increasing.

concealer make up equipments

A concealer or colour corrector is a type of makeup used to mask pimples, dark circles and other small blemishes visible on the skin. Concealers usually do a good job of hiding blemishes by blending the imprefection into the surrounding skin tone. This product is mainly used by women, but use among men is increasing.

My Makeup Collection

To put it quite simply, I am a makeup ADDICT. While most of my girlfriends have a small part of their bathroom or a few small makeup bags to store their goodies, I needed an entire TABLE to keep my lotions and potions in. Yes, it may seem ridiculous to some (like my boyfriend for example!), but I love the creativity and artistic ability that goes into doing my makeup every day. So I thought I'd show you all my collection as of now. There's probably a few things left out and I cut a lot out at the start of this year, but it is quite a lot...

Let's start with the basics... brushes. I bought this Chanel set about a year ago and it is amazing... 16 brushes that cover any need in makeup artistry. Expensive but well worth it, always invest in good quality, cruelty-free brushes.

Spare foundation brush, foundation wedges, mini travel brushes, an excellent angled eyeliner brush, Estee Lauder brushes and other mini random brushes... My extra supplies.

My ever trusty brush cleanser. I use this to santitize my brushes, but also use baby shampoo to gently but thoroughly cleanse them.

Other useful tools to have... Anna Sui hand mirror, various small scissors, eyelash curler, various pencil sharpeners (M.A.C, Manicare etc), and tweezers...

False eyelashes galore... M.A.C, Inglot, various full and individual lashes, glues and permanent glues...

One of the best makeup mirrors money can buy. Reversible, different magnifications and outside rim lights up to get more detail... Fabulous!

Primers left to right: Australis, M.A.C. Prep + Prime, The Face Shop Makeup Base in Lavender (brightens skin). I'm not sure if this is available in W.A, I bought it in Melbourne.

Liquid Foundations left to right: Chanel Teint Innocence sample, Loreal Infalliable (my backup), M.A.C Studio Sculpt (my new fave). I throw away old foundations because if they expire they tend to smell bad...

Other foundations left to right: M.A.C Studio Stick (great for touchups and concentrated areas), Mickey Mouse foundation from Japan (amazing packaging but the product itself is pretty average).

Concealers left to right: The amazing YSL Yves Saint Laurent radiant touch under eye concealer, Maybelline dual concealer and highlighter, Maybelline blemish concealer stick, Rimmel larger blemish concealer stick.

Powders left to right: M.A.C. Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder, TheBalm "Sexy Mama" pressed powder.

My precioussses left to right... Chanel compact foundations Mat Lumiere and the older version, Double Perfection.

A close-up of my sexy compact... No, it didn't come like this, I blinged it myself! I'll do a crystal DIY story in the near future...

Illuminators left to right: Revlon highlighting powder, Revlon Skinlights loose powder, Revlon Skinlights cream, M.A.C. Mineralise powder in Redhead, Sugarbaby illuminating powder.

Bronzers left to right: Sugarbaby bronzer, ModelCo bronzer, Too Faced Leopard Bronzer (the actual bronzer is in a leopard pattern, made of brown, bronze and pink shimmer!)

Blushes left to right: Hollywood red tint, Sugarbaby pink tint, various M.A.C. blushes including Mineralise blushes, Estee Lauder blushes, mini blush trio, Bourjois blush, Loreal blush.

Eyebrow stuff left to right: Chi Chi brow set, M.A.C. eyebrow pencil, Maybelline eyebrow pencil, random brand blonde eyebrow pencil (comes in useful), lash and brow growth enhancer products by ModelCo (I'll describe these in an upcoming blog).

My mascara haul left to right: Napoleon Peep Show lash primer, Napoleon mascara, Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara, Benefit Get Bent Lash mascara, Rimmel mascaras, Chanel mascaras, Mirenesse mascara, ModelCo mascara, Estee Lauder Mascara, unused Loreal mascaras (Beauty Tubes and Volume Shocking).

Heaps of eyeliner pencils. I mainly use Lancome.

Liquid and cake eyeliners: Mac Fluidline in Blacktrack, Inglot cake eyeliner in Red (trust me, it looks awesome. I'll do a tutorial soon), Rimmel Professional liuid eyeliner, Loreal glitter liquid eyeliner, Sharon Lee Swarovski-covered liquid eyeliner with hidden eyeliner pencil.

A collection of old Estee Lauder and Lancome limited edition makeup palettes. These belonged to my mum when she was a makeup artist, and the colours still look great.

Inside some of the compacts. The colour combos are totally cool and you couldn't find anything like them anymore... Love it.

Eyeshadow palettes: Revlon brown countoured eye, Rimmel smokey eye (a duplicate of the colours in the Chanel smokey eye quad!), Australis pastel palette, BYS eyeshadow palette (really cheap, but really pigmented shades).

The only semi-big rainbow eyeshadow palette I have. I've been wanting to invest in a big, rainbow -coloured palette for a while with a large array of useable matte colours.

Solid eyeshadows, pigments, glitters... I'm going to start building up my pigment and glitter collection from M.A.C soon, and use mixing mediums. Some of the brands in the pic include Manic Panic, Napoleon, Sugarbaby, Revlon, BYS, NARS, Benefit, Stargazer...

Random eye products: Revlon Bedroom Eyes Shadow in Fishnet Jet, Maybelline Shadow Stylist pink, eyeshadow shimmer sticks. I threw a few lipliners on the end too.