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Artist Spotlight: Sam Jones

Sam Jones a rapper from Lakewood, New Jersey, with ambitions of being the best, he strives to be different and to have his own sound. Being one half of the vigilante duo FAOD, he simply makes music about what he lives and sees. His choice of sound is music that an individual can smoke and relax to; but as good as he is he has no genre in hiphop.

David “Sam Jones” Marshall has an insatiable appetite for success & a relentless drive to make sure he gets what he wants. As an appreciator of music, especially Hip-hop, Sam Jones has gained respect for various forms & styles of lyricism from early on.

During his high school career, Sammy J. would meet up with other school yard lyricists who he’d eventually team up with later down the road. These artists would begin to spark Sam’s interest in pursuing a career in music himself. However it wasn’t until his first semester in college, where he met another inspiring group of versatile rappers, that the New Jerseyian would finally decide to focus on his own rap career 120%. In only few months he went from baby steps to being something to really watch out for.

Now representing the small Vigilante Group & Indie Label – I’mOnIt Records Ent. Sam Jones is determined to work his hardest and find his way to stardom.

Sam Jones - Make It Hot Ft. Cannon Gunz:

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