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Leila Shams Fall 2010 'Bad Luck' Lookbook

Are you superstitious? Scared of walking under ladders or having black cats cross your path? Then Leila Shams' latest collection is for you. Glittering with sequins and jewel encrusted details, Leila's Bad Luck collection is a phenomenally detailed, glamorous and beautiful body of work that weaves in motifs of black cats, broken mirrors, and the number 13.

Sorry, did I say the collection was for you, oh superstitious ones? Maybe you're thinking my logic is off. But that's the beauty of this collection. Not only is the theme a clever and well executed one, it's a chance to be rebellious and show your superstitions who's boss. And besides - cracked mirror print leggings are just too cool to ignore.

Jose Duran fierce, feminine: Spring/Summer 2010

Emma Watson style Collections and pics

Emma Watson
Emma Watson
Emma Watson style
Emma Watson style
Emma Watson

Tim Burton. Fashion Designer?

The Tim Burton Exhibition at the Moma in New York is energetic, curious and memorable. Having enjoyed two visits and spent several hours wandering around, I keep thinking how transferable these themes are to fashion. The monochrome palette, the shocking blood red and the murky, misty grey tones COULD add a little eccentric drama to the catwalk.

Both Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue UK have explored the idea of Tim Burton as a muse. The Vogue shoot, in December 2008 toyed with the idea. It was an article aimed at exploring our imagination, with Burton and partner Helena Bonham Carter as models. The fantasy styling and monochrome fabrics are even apparent in these early shots.

Harper’s Bazaar went for an altogether different stance, using Halloween as the signature theme for Burton. They styled Louis Vuitton, Nina Ricci and Alexander McQueen pieces to create sexy, disheveled beauty. This is along the lines of how I would envision a Burton Fashion Collection. A teaspoon of gothic, a dash of seduction and a splash of vibrant color. This is imperfect beauty, made attractive because it in different rather than in spite of it.

Fashion Snoops Update


 As seen above tote bags, geometrics, and bib necklaces are all new trends coming into the season. Nuetrals and crochet pieces have all been featured on runways as well.

A few of my favourite things.....

‘Tis the season and I’m so enjoying it!

White Holly Wreath,

I must say that making this list was actually quite tricky as I already have so much that makes me happy…my family, friends, good health, and exciting day-to-day adventures all make me a very thankful person.

But…if I had to, had to, had to create a wish list…these are the things that I’m currently coveting…


1. A fabulous white coat.

Alexa wool coat,

2. A great red dress.

Lola silk tee dress,

3. A gorgeous evening gown.

BCBG strapless pleated gown, $348,

4. Or maybe two…and special occasions to wear them.

One shoulder crinkle chiffon gown,

5. Basic black boots.

Toradeo boot, $169,

6. Pretty black flats.

Simply You, $79,

7. An organized and beautiful shoe closet.

Shoe storage, via {this is glamourous} at


8. One of my all-time favourite cuffs.

Elsa Peretti bone cuff sterling silver, $725,


9. Joe Fresh liquid eye liner. My new favourite beauty product.

Liquid eye liner, $6,

At the Office

10. Notebooks. And many of them.



11. Books, books, and more books!

Drive by Daniel Pink,

Hey Day by Jordi Labanda,

100 Years of Fashion Illustration by Cally Blackman,

Not a Star by Nick Hornby,

Kitchen Treats

12. Tea from Hediard. Visiting Hediard in Paris is an amazing shopping experience. I love to be spoiled with goodies and specialty teas from this shop.

Hediard tea,


13. A record player. I’m not picky. Just one that works and looks good.

Jakob Jensen record player,


14. Well – of course I’d love plenty of airplane tickets for travel! {France, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, India, Morocco…}

Galerie Lafayette, Paris, France

Tokyo, Japan

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Taj Mahal, India