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Men's Dress fashion Sale

  • This flexible jacket is at home with slacks or jeans
  • Suede elbow patches add craggy good looks
  • Center back expel for ease of movement
  • Full polyester lining
  • Corduroy sport coat - short, reg, tall sizes (click here)
Our classic corduroy sport coat goes with basically everything, from jeans to slacks. Sport coat features suede elbow patches and western style. Two front pockets and two within breast pockets. Front and back western yokes. Button closure and Made of 100 % cotton, imported.

Men’s Wedding White Suits

These outfits are very suitable for your greeting and for the wedding. Our suits would absolutely impress your friends and family members who are attending your wedding. A bridegroom's wear is an important element to be measured during an auspicious season like a wedding.

High quality textiles are used to fashion Double Breasted suits to make men comfy, bright and formal all over the day. Men prefer double breasted for executive trips and general occasions. The Double-breasted jackets create wearer look broad and add bulk.

Amateur Photography

Waiting for the world to change....I guess I'll have to wait and see

Zara summer/spring 2010 lookbook

I absolutely LOVE how Zara's new collection focuses on nude colors. Working with nude colored clothing is great because one could add whatever color accessory/shoes to this look.

Be My Valentine!?

Soooo v-day is coming up so I put together this cute Valentines Day outfit to be worn in the day time...

This look below me however is to be worn for a dinner (;

Try it Out!

Scanning through I found these photos of different people in outfits I like and that I would put together. One should always try new things but also stick to old trends and add to them.

Also I found these photos of these two men and their DOPE 'fits

Aviation: Affirmative

Inspired by Hermes 2009 collection I decided to put together a trend board for the Aviator trend.

Style inspiration: aviation & Amelia Earhart

A shearling lined leather jacket; some masculine boots; a pair of vintage goggles. You don't need a pilot's license to justify adding any of these to your wardrobe, for their mere presence conveys a spectacular sense of adventure. And so it is that the classic aviation pioneer is an undying source of fashion inspiration that keeps popping up time and time again, regardless of - yet inevitably tied into - the world of fashion trends. And at the centre of the style is of course famed aviatrix Amelia Earhart: a pilot, icon, and fashion designer in her own right. Read on as we explore the aviator look and how to wear it.

How to wear the aviator look

•Take inspiration from wartime working attire with a jumpsuit that's full length, nipped in at the waist, and tapered at the ankles

•If you want to make the jumpsuit stand out even more as a masculine take, layer it over a shirt and tie; roll up the sleeves for a feminine touch

•Shearling / sheep skin or fur lining is perfect when paired with leather. As well as the classic leather bomber jacket, try it on boots, gloves, or leather caps

•Jodhpurs tucked into boots are the perfect masculine yet sexy female dandy look when paired with a bomber jacket

•Modernise the look with skinny cuts and form-fitting pieces

Via Fashionising

Tradition Plaid Day coat with Custom Vest & Shirt

This is a beautiful combination, a colored coat with plaid Tradition throughout. It comes with a coordinating tan vest, and a white shirt with stripes. You could pair this with tan or navy jods and be prepared to hit the show ring in style. Each piece is in great situation! Measurements.

High worth, and in great shape, this suit is a great buy! It has all the extras you are expecting from custom, including real pockets, hook & eye closure, suede patches and a signature lining. Shown here with a tradition royal blue vest & shirt that is obtainable on the accessories page.

Best way choosing of suits

The style of a garment plays a vital role in deciding its look which in turn reflects your choice of things as a personality. Also let me tell you that money can’t buy style but you can accept it by wearing the right attitude.

Alright let me talk directly now. If you are sure person and choose just the right kind of clothes, no one can stop you from being trendy in high esteems. Whether it is women in particular or people in general, no one will be able to escape your aura.

One such ensemble that spells stylishness and grace beyond measure is a men’s suit. A suit is a beautiful piece of garment which can never go wrong in bringing out the real you, whether it is a specialized get together or your first date. The only thing to be kept in mind is the style you wear should be in cognizance with your character and built.

Let’s have a look at some prevalent styles you can adopt to make a lasting feeling on those around. What’s more suit comes in solid backings, single as well as double vented in the rear.

Choose perfectly Suit with Tie

There are many components complex in achieving the perfect shirt. Bright whites, vivid colors, crisp collars and cuffs, properly united French cuffs, accurate starch levels, smooth plackets, and button check up some of the factors that require constant attention.

Our premium shirt service demonstrates our attention to these countless of details by providing properly-sized collar stays, repairing missing, cracked, or broken buttons, and mending seams or holes. Cuffs and collars are always pressed with exactness. At perfect shirt is not a mistake it is the result of the intensive efforts of many players.

Men's Shirts in Classic model

Our non-iron shirts are as attractive as our other shirts, but don’t need an iron to make them look good. Made from scrumptious two-fold 100% cotton and cut for a standard classic model shirt fit.

• 100% two-fold non-iron cotton
• Classic collar
• Single or double cuff
• Complimentary brass collar stiffeners
• Traditional Jermyn Street shirt fit
• Machine washable at 40 degrees

There is no reason why a non-iron shirt should feel any less soft and pleasant to the touch than a regular cotton shirt, and the method also helps the shirt keep its shape after a machine wash, as non-iron shirt fabric absorbs far less water, which helps prevent not just creases, but also shrinking.

Top 10 Accessories for Spring 2010

1. Shopping Totes
2. Origami Bags
3. Bibs
4. Fringes & Tassels
5. Straw Hats
6. Pyramid Studs
7. Colorblock Bags
8. Tortoise Eyewear
9. Chainmesh
10. Botanical

Topshop Florals


Had an assignment in my Fashion Presentation class to take a certain look and create a mood, trend, and product board. The look I chose was Militaire and here is what I came up with...


Thanks to the Art Institute of Charlotte I am able to access Fashion Snoops for FREE and check out all of the latest and upcoming trends. Usually one would have to pay up to $200 a month just to access this website.

One of this season's most intriguing themes addresses the aftermath of our catastrophic economy. In Metamorphosis, Alexander McQueen interprets that concept in the most forward way exploring the metamorphosis from human to sea creature. Brilliant prints lead the transformation which includes futuristic silhouettes like molded pannier dresses and skirts, also shown at Karl Lagerfeld. Gareth Pugh has the molded silhouette down, which is accentuated by dark gray and charcoal color blocking. Metallics are sighted.

There’s sexy, and then there's Bond Girl sexy. Cue Gucci, Versace and Michael Kors, all of whom dove deep into a sexy but very modern theme. Silhouettes are body conscious but offer discreet sex appeal by way of cutout detailing that appears slightly futuristic.

By far, this season’s number one theme is Parisian lingerie. We see this theme take shape in two leading directions. First is by way of dusty pastels and sheer or floaty fabrics that appear delicately romantic. The second is a more sultry sexy interpretation brought to the forefront with obvious corsetry influence and more skin, whereas the more romantic look offers a sneak peak of what lies underneath. Highlights include Marc Jacobs’ inner-as-outer bras, Dolce & Gabbana’s bustier styling and bra exposure and of course Jean Paul Gaultier’s reincarnation of the material girl’s cone bra. Tap shorts, bloomers and floaty pants serve the bottoms market. Playing off of the many sheer fabrications, cutouts, ruffles and inserts become a leading detail.

Tribal influence is spotted across major runways and all cities. Dries Van Noten does it best with prints that play off of Ikat and other ethnic references. Missoni also does tribal with a washed out “stranded island” effect inclusive of hammered silk, bandeau tops and open knits. Various other tribal collections worth noting include Paul Smith, Louis Vuitton and Diane von Furstenberg. Prints are the number one way to materialize tribal inspiration but silhouettes should also be taken into consideration, mindful of sarong-like draping.

Jil Sander and Bottega Veneta lead the way with a very raw and ravaged theme, as to say, after last season’s apocalyptic mess, let’s start over with a clean canvas (but not forget the past). They do so using a number of raw materials from linen to burlap, and apply sometimes wrinkled or torn appliqué effects. The sheath dress stands out, set to a very neutral color palette. Washed fabrics and dye effects make a strong statement at Calvin Klein.

Moving on from last season’s leading apocalyptic Road Warrior theme, this season sees a Post Apocalyptic dust settling from designers like Rodarte. Rodarte’s vision is rough around the edges and involves fabrics like open cobweb knits and raw pieced fabrics swathed around the body. Other translations of this theme include stormy graphics and tattered knits.

It is interesting to note the abundance of menswear tailoring sighted in a season that is all about lingerie. The stark contrast of the two was even featured in the same collection at Dolce & Gabbana. Junya Watanabe put forward the most androgynous looks, which composed of men’s blazers (the evolved boyfriend jacket) and crisp white shirtings, sometimes worn over leggings. The classic shirt component is important with various updates. Bottoms include tailored high waist pants and carrot top pants as well as tailored bermudas from Prada and a new cropped cuffed pant from D&G. A range of cool and warm grays make up the color palette.

Tropical for the ladies that lunch. This very luxe take on resort dressing is centered on bright colors and bold tropical prints. Classic shapes like the sheath are important, as well as a number of short shorts. While Enrico Coveri covers the most ground in this theme, Stella McCartney works in beautiful one-shoulder silhouettes with tiered ruffles.

Simpson Ladies dresses and suits

The shop carried high end ready to dress in and catered to society ladies (LOTS of old money) as well as successful business women. I can remember the Adele Simpson dresses and suits we carried as enduring, elegant and flattering. They were luxurious (usually well over $500) but worth it because they LOOKED like dressmaking when worn. Altering them was particular due to the high quality workmanship. We were requisite to finish our work in keeping with the same original standards.

This timeless classic dress/suit hails from the 80s and can be worn out the day and with a change of shoes and accessories transitions into dinner or evening with simplicity. Two tones, it is cut from yellowish and black wool crepe. A boxy, open, wrap collar jacket tops a fixed short sleeved dress with jewel neckline. It has a smooth black lining. The size is medium about a modern 8 with the following measurements.

Stylish pattern t-shirts

1) Our solid color t-shirt with oversize, square, standard plain
2) With the stylish pattern and different colors
3) Long or short sleeve, unique workmanship
4) Unique color and well tailored style with classic fit, all size

Change your style with fashion suits

When it comes to suits, usually you do not like to adhere to one particular style but rather like to Change your style with fashion suits. Suits are more liked for men and women of today’s world. When you choose a fashion suit, you must believe certain things in order to make the suit perfect for you. Few tips for choosing a fashion suit are as follows:

When you choose a suit, imagine the cloth of the suit. Choose the suit cloth based on climatic form of the place where you live, and your budget. Cotton suits are finest because they keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Linen suits are fitting for humid and hot summer days. Woolen suits are suitable for breezy climates. Choose the suit cloth which suits your body all through the year based on where you live.

Give consequence to the color of the suit while choosing a suit. Decide the suit color based on your skin color, hair color and eye color. Suits of certain material look best in specific colors. For example, white, black, grey and navy colors are top in cotton suits. Brown, white and cream colors look grand in linen suits.

Not So Sure On Mixing Patterns & Prints??

Super cute redhead Nataliya Piro has the perfect hair colour and complexion for this Cosmopolitan shoot titled Eye Catching Style.
Mixing clashing patterns can be tough business and is easy to get wrong. If you're after some ideas on how to get it right this shoot is quite a good one to have a look through. Piro wears stripes, florals, and embroideries that have complimentary color palettes making the difference in patterns striking, but not harsh. This shoot also successfully weaves in boldtribal accessories.

Megan Fox is the New Face of Emporio Armani

Will she be able to fit into the rather tall shoes left by her predecessor Victoria Beckham?

Georgio Armani described Fox as "youthful and sexy" making her a perfect candidate for his line.