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Significance of a Good Fit Men Suit

Every gentleman loves to wear a suit that fits him properly. Your suit must fit you properly in order to look your best. It is important for every man to look good and smart especially when he is at office or business meetings. Professional men are highly conscious about the fitness of their suits. The most important thing which has to be considered while choosing a men's suit is that it fits you perfectly.

A suit that hysterics you perfectly will be more comfortable for you. Once you choose your suit according to your body measurements, see to that the coat fits comfortably across your shoulder, the collar comfortably hugs your neck, and the sleeves fall just below the wrist bone.

A men’s suit that does not fit you properly gives a negative stare to your image. Hence, choosing a men’s suit with the right fit is very much important. When you choose men’s suit especially men’s wedding suit or men’s tuxedo or men’s business suit, it must fit you well but at the same time it must allow you to move freely. Ensuring a great fit and comfort is important so that you look elegant and great.

Designer Suits – Halloween Special

The comfort level of Designer Suits is its most attracting quality. It is very comfortable attire which makes body movements very easy. Thus with gracefulness comfort is also provided by it.

This dress can be worn at any time of the year. It is just good for any weather. Whether it is winter season, summer season, spring season or rainy season Designer Suits makes you comfortable in all.

The interesting fact about Designer Suits is that they have evolved a lot with time. With respect to styles and fabrics also its traditional avatar has taken a great turn and today is available in various styles and fabrics suiting everybody’s tastes.

Many trends come and go but there are some that remains forever. Those who stay on are the ones very high on the fashion. Their charisma never fades out. Designer Suit is one such outfit that has deeply made ground for it in every mens heart.

Great Halloween Gift Ideas for Men – Suits

What to Consider When Gifting a Suit?

The first thing to think about is whether or not this gift will be a surprise. Regrettably, you will likely have to resort to bringing the gentleman in question to the store in order to garner proper fit and measurements, although if your man is already rather dapper and stylish you, or he, may already know their sizing.

The dilemma with purchasing a mens suits of clothes without knowing exact measurements, or even more likely without having tried the physical garment on beforehand comes with an ill-fit on Christmas morning. Be creative, and be sure to get a fit beforehand – or you may be sorry for the lack of foresight.

What to Look For & What Is Important in a Quality Suit?

If this will be the first suit in your attire, choose a black or navy fabric – with or without pinstripes as per preference. Your purchased garment should be wool, or perhaps bamboo, some newer suits of quality are using bamboo as a construction material that is quite breathable, rugged, and carries a nice finish.

Women's Business Clothing-Suits

Womens business suits can be pumped up with items that include fall color trends. Here are several of the fall 2009 Pantone colors. Use them for accent pieces with basic-black womens suits and other work-wear neutrals.


Here are some of the fashionable colors and a brief description of each from the Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2009.

  • American Beauty: A true red, which is “perfect for all skin tones”.
  • Purple Heart: This color “connotes a sense of refinement”.
  • Rapture Rose: This pinky color has the feel of “fuchsia and the softness of pink.” It’s a great color for cosmetics, as well.
  • Warm Olive: This is “a rich yellow-green”.
  • Majolica Blue: This blue is “a deep mysterious teal”.
These trendy colors will all work together. It can be fun to mix them up.

Basic Black and Neutrals

The Pantone colors can be additional to a woman’s basic black suit pieces and will add sophistication to other trendy neutrals like.

Mens Suits: How to be dressed in for Formal Occasions

How to wear men's suits

The men's suit is still the most stylish item of clothing a man can wear so long as its cut, color, fabric and style suit the occasion, time of day, the season of the year and the climate.

The Fabric

Today’s men's suits are much lighter than those of the earlier period, but there are still considerable differences in the weight and thickness of the material used. You should start by thinking about where you will be wearing the suit, i.e. the climate, temperature and how often you will wear it.

The Right Shoes

It is often said that a man’s shoes are his most significant item of clothing. All that matters is to have a classy, well broken in pair of shoes.

Fashions Male Casting Modelling Tips

Male supermodels are emerging for the first time to share the spotlight with the traditional Swimsuit Edition female stars, and it's a great time to jump into the world of male modeling!

male modelUnlike their female counterparts, male models enjoy a greater degree of flexibility in their careers. While most female fashion models are out of work by the time they're 25, male models can work steadily from the age of 15 into their fifties. Each male model can use a vast range of styles for photo shoots, ranging from a buttoned down business man with a crew cut to an unshaven surfer with hair down to his shoulders. He can be a tattooed punk at a skate park or a young grandfather relaxing at home. This level of freedom is attracting more men to the industry. There are a few things you should consider before you pack up your bags and head to New York or LA, according to the Association of Model Agents:

* 15 to 25 is considered the "young men's" market, though if you can photograph older or younger the age range isn't set in stone.
* 25 to 35 is the "adult men's" market, and this is where the majority of male model casting comes from, unlike female modeling.
* Most professional male models are between 5'10" and 6'2". Unlike female models, being of average height or slightly above is a benefit.
* Most professional male models weigh between 140 and 165 pounds, though this can vary depending on where you fit on a Body Mass Index.
* The average measurements of a professional male model range from 40 regular to 42 long.

If you fall within those basic parameters you will find it easier to get work off the bat. But don't despair if you're too tall, too lanky, too wide, or weigh to little or too much; the male modelling marketing is expanding rapidly, and niches are being created all the time.

Male models sometimes find themselves in a more difficult position physically than female models, but with healthier results. Until very recently, female models were often expected to maintain unrealistic body shapes and levels of slimness that has led to widespread problems with eating disorders and self-image problems. Male models, on the other hand, are expected to look healthy. Extremely healthy. The ideal male fashions model is slim, but not too thin, muscular, but not too bulky, with a nice triangular torso. Aside from the covers of body-building magazines, you won't find much demand for Mr. Universe level muscles. Male models are, however, expected to be in peak physical condition, and have excellent muscle tone all over their bodies.

If you're gearing up to be a male model, it's a good idea to join a gym and hire a personal trainer. Achieving the right balance of diet and exercise to achieve an optimal muscle tone can be very difficult. Career casting male models might find themselves spending more time working out that walking the runway. On the plus-side, body shape and definition are more important to casting directors than a particular face type. If you've got a well-sculpted body, you can probably find work, and male models with distinctive "looks" do very well for themselves.

modelsMale fashions models enjoy a great deal of flexibility with the kind of photo shoots and advertisements they can do. A man can have salt and pepper hair to play a business executive in one shoot and then dye it to play a toned body guard in another. Hair style is always variable, and length tends to cater to the most current fashion. Overall strength, warmth, confidence, and distinction are valued as "looks" for male models.

When sending off your first portfolio to a modelling agent, there are a few things to include. Make sure you have a standard headshot. Given the emphasis on body in male modeling, you'll need multiple full body shots. Have one full body shot in shorts or underwear and a tank top. Have another in casual clothing, like a T-shirt and jeans. And have a third shot in business casual wear or a full-blown suit.

With a few months in the gym, a confident smile, and a knack for being in front of the camera you could be a few steps away from becoming a professional male model.

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How to Dress for a Business Interview to enhance Chances for the Job

Some recruiters have relaxed their dress code for employees, however most still expect a professional look when interviewing for a new hire position. Offered are a few basics rules of dressing for business interviews that most recruiters will agree upon.

If possible, you should wear a two-piece suits, naturally dark blue, grey, or black in color. Under the suit, wear a white or pastel colored shirt or blouse. With the suit, wear polished conservative shoes, typically in a dark color.

For women it generally is a jacket and matching skirt. You need to go light on the make up. If you are planning on using cologne, it should be a light fragrance. Often it is better not to wear cologne as you may interview in a small room and the smell could still be overpowering. Don’t forget the deodorant though.

The important thing for you to remember about dressing suits conventionally for an interview is to make the right impression with how questions are answered instead of the making the wrong impression with how one is dressed.

Grenadian Male Casting Models Wins The Face of Caribbean Fashions Agencies Competition

St. Georges, Grenada - Grenada has everything to be proud of as it relates to fashion as Kishawn Thomas for the second time for this year won another illustrious title, ‘The Face of Caribbean Fashion Competition. Shereen Davis from Jamaica won the female aspect of the competition.

The competition was produced by Imperial Fashion Production in New York and was held for the first time where all the participating models had a total of six photographs adjudicated.

GrenadianThe photo request was segmented into two main categories for judging…it included promotional or commercial shots and adventure. The judge’s criteria included poise, eye contact, comfort, fashion presence and personality.

The competition commenced on August 1st and ended on August 24th and participants from around the region were invited to register to enter the competition by submitting six photographs of themselves (three original and three edited) model/photo shoot type.

Over 100 models participated in the competition and according to Director Charlene White the turn out could have been better. “We are a brand new modeling company with Caribbean oriented workers and with limited resources we decided to put on this competition just to get an insight as to what the Caribbean has to offer with regards to fashions and models”.

Ms. White said the process in getting models to submit photos was “quiet a tedious one”. She noted that a number of Caribbean casting agencies and models were contacted to be part of the competition which at the end saw a male and female winner.

“The response was overwhelming in some quotas, but as we develop our data base during the next few months for next year’s competition we expect more models to register”, she said. Ms. White, a Jamaican national who traveled extensively to a number of the Caribbean countries says it is evident that “the region has a flair for fashion but what is lacking most is the opportunity for one to express themselves and what we would endeavour to do here at Imperial is to help break the ice”.

The 2009 winners according to Ms. White would both receive a cash prize, an all expense paid trip to Jamaica and a modeling contract with Imperial Fashion Company for one year. The female winner will also receive a one year supply of cosmetics compliments Revlon, while the male winner would receive a one month voucher for designer clothing and accessories from Dolce & Gabbana.

They will both select a fashions designer of their choice to work with one year. Imperial Fashion Company will also undertake a photo shoot with both winners commencing during the month of September.

The models will also be engaged in a number of Caribbean promotional activities in the country in which they reside and are tasked to work with a charitable institution of their choice.

“We have noticed the trend in our male youths today and we decided from this competition to place much emphasis on the males, therefore we would be doing a lot work with our Grenadian male winner with respect to positive anti-drug and violence campaigns by using his fashion image”.

Kishawn Thomas who is currently residing on the island of Nevis in 2008 won the first ever Mr. Renaissance Man International and in June 2009 captured the Mr. Caribbean Top Model competition in the BVI. He also modeled for a number of regional and international designers.

Grenadian“Kishawn’s pictures were just great; he had the majority of what the judges we looking for in a model. He is a pure example of showing other male models that you don’t have to be muscular in order to win a competition; we see him doing well in the future and wish him all the best”, said Ms. White.

“I have had the chance of working with him in the past and he is a great young man, very intelligent and is always self motivated”.

Ms. White said as her company intends to develop a strong relationship with the region and the first major assignment would be that of Caribbean model search in 2010 followed by a search for casting agencies as to assist them in creating more fashion oriented events.

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